Albeckay, E. M. (2014). Developing Reading Skills through Critical Reading Programme amongst Undergraduate EFL Students in Libya. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 123, 175 – 181.

The lack of reading skills in EFL was the reason behind the study was conducted. Besides, reading skill becomes an important skill in EFL teaching for centuries. The objective of the study is to develop the reading skill by using critical reading programme.

The sample of the study was randomly chosen from Sebha University which divided into two groups (control and research). The writer was using o mixed methods; quantitative method and qualitative method in conducting the study.

The finding of the study stated that critical reading skill is significant for EFL learners to develop reading skill. Furthermore, critical reading skill has connection with the reading skill.

As a whole, the programme improved the reading ability of good students specifically in these kinds of critical reading skills. At the same time, the programme did not raise the abilities of the outstanding students as it did not add anything for them and this is as a result of their abilities and individual differences.


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