Sheu, S. P-H. (2004), The Effects of Extensive Reading on Learners’ Reading Ability Development. Journal of National Taipei Teachers College,17(2), 213~228

Cross-cultural communication is essential in a globalized economy, society, and learning environment. The ability to take on another person’s perspective and understand a different culture is an important skill.

To promote cross-cultural communication, I encouraged my students to collaborate with each other in the classroom by working in groups and providing constructive feedback, as well as creating an individual professional presentation using digital media.

The writer in teaching the cross-cultural communication used presentation as digital media. The first day of teaching, she tried to create a conducive environment in the classroom through cooperative learning. After that, she used ‘jigsaw’ method to communicate from every other students. In the end, her teaching result is students get more motivated and excited in the teaching and learning process.

One of the effective outcomes of cross-cultural communication was the students’ sharing their culture with each other in small groups. As they shared and exchanged information about their culture. By applying my experience in delivering professional presentations, I was able to empower students and prepare them for language use in business settings.


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