Frank, J. (2013). Raising Cultural Awareness in the English Language Classroom. English Teaching Forum, 4(4), 2-11.

Since there is a lack of consensus on how to introduce cultural elements into the lesson, the writer’s point in the article is how the EFL teachers can incorporate the cultural knowledge and understand within the context of their English language classes.

The writer says that teachers can give guidance about how to think, make, and do to their students in their own cultures by holding the classroom discussion.

There are some strategies in conducting the classroom discussion. EFL teachers can make their own cultural awareness with these instructions; determining the aspects of culture that would like to explore, conducting research on the sites related to the cultures, identifying the types of information that might be found by students, and designing questions.

Students cannot be considered to have mastered a foreign language until they understand the cultural contexts in which the target language is spoken (NSFLEP, 1996 in Frank, 2013)

Teachers need to go beyond introducing the target culture and incorporate a framework that enables students to understand the social aspects of culture as well.


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