Conner, N. W. & Roberts, T.G. (2015). The Cultural Adaptation Process during a Short-term Study Abroad Experience in Swaziland. Journal of Agricultural Education, 56(1), 155-171.

Many people say that our world is small. That the people all over the world with different cultures have interaction is one of the indications (National Research Council, 2009 in Conner & Roberts, 2015).

The objectives of the study was to explore and describe how undergraduate students experiences culture throughout the program. The data-collection used by the writers are pre-travel questions, post-experience reflection questions, and reflective journaling.

The writers found out that the participants anticipated experiencing culture shock upon entering the country. Throughout the program, participants had experiences that were unexpected and different than their preconceptions that they kept comparing Swaziland and the United States.

From the study, the writes can conclude that facilitators should allow learners to be participated to get experiences regarding cross-culture understanding. Facilitator should teach the learners about the diversity of the world views and include the models in discussions and learning activities.


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