Chen, C-H. et. Al. (2013). The Effect of Extensive Reading Via E-books on Tertiary Level EFL Students’ Reading Attitude, Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary. TOJET: The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, 12 (2), 303-312.
One of the objectives of education in 21st century is dealing with the multicultural awareness. There are many preparations in conducting the teaching process to achieve the objective such as; understand the differences in terms of value, communication and behavior.

The writer stated that cooperative learning and teaching contributes can encourage the students’ independent thinking (finding their own meaning of cultures and solving the problem). Besides that, students can give respond actively in the given communication.

Moreover, the writers stated that group work will also enhance their understanding of other cultures. In the group work activity, students will share their ideas and their views regarding certain cultures.

In the conclusion, the writer said that to achieve one of the goals of education in 21st century, teachers need prepare to teach about cultural awareness. By designing syllabus regarding the matter and applying the method into their teaching and learning process, the goal might be achieved.


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