Singh, M. et al. (2017). An Intercultural Reading Programme (IRP) to Enhance Intercultural Knowledge among Secondary School Students. English Language Teaching, 10 (1), 26-38.

The researchers as Malaysians explained that there are many cultures in their country. There are three major ethnic groups. They are Malays, Chinese, and Indians. However, it is said that there is still lack of understanding between these groups.

Through education, students are encouraged to engage with their own cultures and the other cultures to maintain their relationship also to keep the relationship between their own world and the world of others.

That’s why, this study is conducted by the researchers as the reason to investigate the level of intercultural knowledge between Malaysians secondary school students through the intervention of IRP during English literature lessons.

Intercultural Reading Program (IRP) is a reading program that integrates literary texts embedded with Malaysia’s three major ethnic groups’ cultural values. This program has purpose to facilitate the students in the exploration of the diversity of their multitude local cultures through culturally embedded reading material.

In the other hand, IRP involves a personal interaction with the texts through exchanges with other students and responses that are both critically insightful and percipient with the purpose of exploring the level of their intercultural knowledge.




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