Ali, S., Kazemian, B. & Hussain, I. (2015). The Importance of Culture in Second and Foreign Language Learning. Dinamika Ilmu , 15 (1),  1-10.

English Language Teaching research has contributed increasingly on the term of cultural awareness. It is said that with culture, language can be delivered well. It becomes one of the strategies to have a good communication. By enhancing the cultural behavior, people will understand more properly in the cultural setting and social behavior of a language use. It also decreases the misunderstanding between the communicators.

The classroom activities in cultural teaching strategies offer the interactive activities among the non-native learners to practice the language as the communicative process. These activities improve cultural behavior and attitude of learners as the patterns of communicating the target language in the real context. Therefore, teachers need to be competent in cross-cultural communication to make the classroom activities successful.

By demonstrating the behavior of cross-cultural communication, the communicative strategies will develop the social skill. Students The students in interactive classroom activities can communicate meaning, build up vocabulary, enhance grammatical accuracy, and develop communicative competence.


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