Reinandya, W. (2017). Should you be Teaching Reading Intensively or Extensively? International Education Studies, 5(3), 212-231.

The purpose of the research is to improve the professional skills of teachers by changing their mindset. Changing the teachers’ mindset from a simple mindset to a more complex that will develop their professionalism in teaching.

In conducting the research, the data were gotten from teachers classroom activities in the proposed activities (joined the weekly workshop for five hours each week, made syllabus with pathways adhered to the needs of the students , wrote English textbooks for the X grade and try out the materials); moreover, in the end of each semester, there would be an evaluation of the activities.

This study found that change the teachers’ midnset is not an easy thing. As we know that Indonesia has many diversities. That condition was not favorable to the improvement of teachers professional skills through a change of mindset. However, eventhough it becomes a problem in conducting the study, the result of the study stated in vice versa. It showed that this effort could encourage the teachers relationship with each other as a team. The teachers were more confident of their capabilities in language learning and teaching.

The teachers involved in this studyn were encouraged to enhance their level of competency, believe on their own capacity on English language competence, and have a will to cooperate with some new issues.



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