Mermelstein, A. D. (2014). Improving EFL Learners’ Reading Levels through Extensive Reading. The Reading Matrix, 14(2), 227-242.

SCRATCH is a program which is accorded to the level of ages to reach the goal of education. By using the SCRATCH program, technology can be used effectively in education. There are many benefits in using this program. They are, students’ attention can be easily drawn to the lesson, their motivation of reading can be increased, and also their skill in using technology can be improved.

However, this program is more suitable for elementary school students’ level in the world-wide. That is why this research was conducted in elementary school. This study was conducted according to the action research design. The selection of the schools used criterion sampling, a purposeful sampling method, was used in the selection of both the schools and students.

Throughout the action research process, the quantitative and qualitative data, which revealed the students’ reading comprehension scores and developmental level before and after the implementation, were collected together. At the end of the application, it was found that the students’ reading levels increased from “anxiety level” to “instructional level” in some forms, and to “independent reading level” in other forms. It was seen that all of the students’ reading comprehension skills developed thanks to the reading comprehension activities conducted through the Scratch program. Based on these results, it can be stated that this program can be used in reading comprehension activities at elementary school level.


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