Critical Reading XIV

Larsari, E., & Kiasi, M. (2016). The Relationship between Critical Thinking and EFL Learners’ Speaking Ability. English Language Teaching, 9(6), 189-198.

The study tried to reveal whether students having critical thinking will also have better speaking ability or not. To investigate the correlation among two variables, these two instruments were applied, they are IELTS Speaking Test and Lauren Starkey Critical Thinking Test.

The students were given same questions in the IELTS Speaking Test, in this case, the oral interview was recorded. Meanwhile, the Lauren Starkey Critical Thinking question contain of 30 multiple choice item to figure out which participant has critical thinking and which one is not.

The findings of the study is that the critical thinker has positive correlation with the speaking ability. It is said that the hypothesis of the researcher is rejected. The outcome revealed that critical thinker is a better language student.

The study can be applied in Indonesia especially in Solo, my city. I think the result will also be the same that there is positive relationship between the two major variables. When conducting the study in Senior High School with the same instrument of collecting data, it means that, I will introduce the steps of IELTS Speaking Test to the students in the high school. Though I prefer to use another instrument in measuring students’ speaking ability like for example through role play or oral presentation. I will give the test to 120 students (around 4 classes) to reveal the relationship between the two variables.  The study will be conducted in around a month to two months.


8 thoughts on “Critical Reading XIV

  1. The template of your blog is good, it is colorful and make me interest to read your writing, but the position of your writing are is tidy, better for you to make your paragraphs into justify, so your writing will look better . Your explanation about the journal you have read is brief and clear.

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  2. Based on this journal, it stated that there is corelation between critical thinking and speaking ability. Ariska explain that the hypothesis of the researcher was rejected. However, Ariska did not mention what the hypothesis was. So, it makes me a little bit confused. Overall, Ariska’s review about this journal is good. The way she write is well-organized and she also explain how she will apply this study in her city, completed with the method and the participants.

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