Critical Reading XII

Kamridah. (2013). Correlation between Level of Anxiety and Public Speaking Performance through Systematic Learning Approach in Foreign Language. International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), 5(9), 1658-1663.

The presentation method in systematic learning process consist of two component they are, the motivation and the information transfer. Here, in the motivation the question “What’s in it?” (WIIFM) should be answered, then it is about the participatory of the learners to keep interested about the material. Meanwhile, in information transfer, this component is introduced by giving new facts, procedures, skills and etc. that will be explained to the learners. This component often keep learners actively participate to deepen their knowledge.

The researcher found the data by collecting the observation, recording, questionnaire and the interview. The researcher collected data from the participant of International English Training (IET) as the population held by Cambridge English College (CEC), in Pare, Kediri, East Java.

The result of the study is that there was a significant negative correlation between two major variables. That the level of anxiety did not become obstacle for student to speak in public.

The same study can also be applied in Solo, Central Java. When applying the study in Solo, the result will be same. When the student’s anxiety is high it does not mean his speaking ability will be low and vice versa. There is no different component between doing the similar study in Kediri and Solo.


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