Critical Reading XI

Gaibani, A., & Elmenfi F. (2014). The Role of Gender in Influencing Public Speaking Anxiety. International Journal of Gender and Women’s Studies, 2 (2), 105-116.

From many previous studies, the role of gender in the control of speaking anxiety is still remaining controversial. It is stated by Yiamsawat (2004) that the result of study conducted in more than five countries stated that the females had a higher mean anxiety score than the males.

In the article, in order to reveal the research questions relating to the role played by English gender in influencing the public speaking anxiety, a total number of 108 students were examined through the questionnaire.

The result of the study said that there is no correlation among the two variables. This implies that being male or female has not constituted to student having anxiety in speaking.

The respondents experience speaking anxiety for a wide range of reasons which made them to be more fearful, confused, trembling, feel very tense, feel very rigid, make their heart beat fast, make them nervous, make them make mistakes and make them perform poorer when delivering speech, attending interview or during class room presentation. It is said that students with high English skill proficiency are better to overcome the anxiety rather than the students lacking of English skills.

Conducting the research in Indonesia will have same result that there is no relation among the gender and the public speaking anxiety. Even though there is difference between the level of anxiety among the females and males; however, it does not impact the public speaking anxiety.


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