Critical Reading X

Petrovic, O., Babcicky, P., & Puchleitner, T. (2014). An environment for Mobile Experiential Learning. International Conference Mobile Learning, 10, 271-276.

Language learning through mobile has shown the learners new component to study such as video, audio-recorders, music player and email. The mobile technology has a great potential to support learning language activities outside the classroom. It could become an important component of learning environment through experience and observation.

Experiential learning frequently makes students work through the real problems. Students would be given a project requires them not to only read textbook and do the assessment. In this situation, students would gain deeper understanding and new knowledge by observing the real life along with the project. The course project in learning outcomes take place in different ways. Students work in group then they learn and practice the important methodological approaches.

Mobile learning environment gives the students the application of experiential learning courses with the tool of students’ mobile device.


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