Critical Reading VIII

Ying Lin, C. (2014). Perception and Production of Five English Front Vowels by College Students. English Language Teaching, 7(9), 14-20.

Pronunciation an aspect of speaking fluency. When one have a good pronunciation, it could be said that his/her communication in English is good. The article said that in Taiwan, people are afraid to communicate with native speakers since they do not have enough practice in pronunciation. Though, English teachers also know that pronunciation is an important matter, but still, they do not pay attention on that.

The study were investigating about the students’ English production and perception. The researcher tried to find what kind of problems students have in English pronunciation.  Meanwhile, the similar study is rarely happen in Taiwan.

The researcher used speaking task and listening task as the instrument of the study. By involving 17 participants of college students. 11 of them were non-native speakers while the rest were native speakers.

In the result, the researcher found that Taiwanese English learners had problems in pronouncing /i/ and /e/ than /I/ and /ɛ/. It was also supported by the previous studies conducted by Chen, Chang, Yang and Chou.

When conducting the similar research in Indonesia, I think the result might be different, since the language used by Taiwanese and Indonesian are also different that the problems in pronouncing some vowels could be also different.


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