Critical Reading VII

Ismaili, Merita, MA,. (2013). The effectiveness of using movies in the efl classroom – a study conducted at south east European university. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 2(4), 121-132.

To increase English language skill proficiency, teachers in this era have to find the teaching method which makes the learners interested. Teaching English need to be interesting to make the learners get more motivated in learning the material.

Most of EFL practitioners choose to watch a movie based on the famous novel despite read the novel itself. It is a fact that reading the whole book is tiresome and boring activity. Meanwhile, an audio-visual experience is an enjoyable activity.

Using movies in the class actually makes the students to visualize the concept, activity and the story in the context. In addition, movies give a learner an excellent background mixed with his own understanding about the concept.

Teachers find it easy to make the participation and interaction from the students more active. For students, watching movies in the classroom activity is something different and exciting. The activity can make the relax atmosphere. Also, they claim that they get more motivated to learn English by seeing the real-life condition. However, the disadvantages of using movies in the classroom activity is the time. The fact, it is often waste the time.

The writer emphasize watching movies activity such as dictation, group discussion, and oral presentation, can also enhance students’ listening and speaking skills. Also, it can make them get more motivated by involving the story to the reading activities.


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