Critical Reading VI

Mahdi, D.A. (2015). Strategies and Techniques for Fostering Oral Communication Confidence in EFL Students. Arab World English Journal (AWEJ), 6 (2), 162-173.

Hello! Back again with me! 😀

I have found the article about the strategies to foster communication apprehension.  Communication Apprehension is the fear related to the oral and verbal communication. Its concept is when students feel afraid to speak in front of other people. However, the fact said that some people naturally actually get anxiety when they are communicating in the public (in front of many people) even though in their own native language.

However, placing them in a small group discussion or small talk will make the anxiety decrease.

There are two strategies based on the writer. They are, realia and the usage of the latest technology.

Realia strategy is the strategy using real-life objects in the classroom that will give good impact in making them more understand in learning the phenomenon. In other words, this strategy can enhance the students’ vocabulary by remembering the real-object directly.

Meanwhile, the second strategy, the usage of the latest technology by using the iPod and others modern devices can improve students’ listening ability. It is necessary because to be a good speaker, they must be a good listener. This strategy can also build their confidence in term of oral communication.

Less confidence makes students less competent and vice versa. To foster the oral communication apprehension, the competence itself depends on how high students’ confidence are.



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