Critical Reading V

Al-Hebaish, S.M. (2012). The Correlation between General Self-Confidence and Academic Achievement in the Oral Presentation Course. Theory and Practice in Language Studies, 2 (1), 60-6.

Hi! In this post, I am back again at the speaking topic. However, in this case I give my attention more in the oral presentation course. I want to know about the correlation between general self-confidence of the learners and their achievement in the oral presentation course.

Based on the literature review, most teachers argue that improving students’ speaking skill still become the most challenging task in language teaching. The willingness to participate without thinking of making mistake become one of the difficulties in speaking class activity. Therefore, self-confidence is the important thing because when student’s confidence is high, the speaking performance will be good and vice versa.

The result of the study is positive that students with more self-confidence will get higher score in the oral test. Having high self-confidence makes the students be able to speak in front of the others. On the contrary, lack of self-confidence caused them afraid to participate in speaking activity because they lack of interest. It is also affect their quality in the oral performance. That having high self-confidence can give them high quality of oral performance. Meanwhile, the less self-confidence makes them tend to try less so it makes them have the low levels of achievement.

After this, I am really sure that I will post about the speaking topic.



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