Critical Reading IV

Reinders, H., & Balcikanli, C. (2011). Learning to Foster autonomy: The Role of Teacher Education Materials. Studies in Self – Access Learning Journal, 2 (1), 15-25.

The idea about learner’s ability to be successful in learning not only just in the class, but also to be successful to learn independently outside the class without the teacher has widely become accepted in language teaching.

Then, what should teachers do in order to be able to foster autonomy?

The writers explained that there two things in fostering autonomy learning. The first is the teachers’ own autonomy and the second is about their teaching skill in developing the autonomy.

Meanwhile, the definition of autonomy is the ability to improve one’s teaching through one’s own effort.

The study is about analyzing the eleven popular teacher education books whether they deal with learning autonomy and provide the way to foster autonomy in the classroom or not.

The result of analyzing the books through some stages are surprising also disappointing. From those eleven books, none of them provide the topic for learner autonomy deeply. There, teachers are not given explicit information in developing and understanding the autonomy learning practically. When the teachers do not know the way to foster the autonomy learning, even less the learners themselves. It is not surprising that learners will also find many difficulties also struggling to improve their ability as autonomous learners.


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