Critical Reading III

Yiping, J. (2016). An Investigation into the Effects of English Movies on English Listening and Suggestions. International Journal of Arts and Commerce, 5 (4), 27-53.

Seeing the fact that the development of China in the international area is fast, improving speaking and listening ability become the most important goal of teaching English there. The goal intended to make the people be able to use English in long term like when they are working, socializing and communicating with others.

The fact said that learners can easily be able to read English and get high score in the English test. In speaking and listening English however, learners still find them difficult to do even they become their weaknesses. There are many problems facing by learners in speaking English. They are, the different thought, poor English pronunciation, vocabularies, and different cultural and knowledge.

The combination between the native speaker and the picture in English movies give positive impact for the learners that their interest in learning English getting higher. This positive impact will also bring benefit for their English listening proficiency.

Based on the problems, the writer investigates the positive influence of English movies on listening skill. It is said that English movies give the real environment along with the characters and story. Furthermore, the conversation is usually simple and short with the accurate pronunciation so that it can be easier to understand and to follow. By hearing same words in many times also can enhance learners’ vocabulary.

The writer gives some suggestions in selecting the movies. The learners have to select the movie bringing vivid scene with healthy content and give them positive thinking. Besides, it is better to show the subtitle when watching the English movies because it can give them less stressful environment. Showing the subtitle enhance the learners’ vocabulary and the fluency in speaking but, it does not mean that the learners can always relay on the subtitle. The subtitle is just the help when they do not understand some words so that their listening skill can also be developed.


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