Critical Reading II

Derakhsan, A., Khalili, A. N., & Beheshti, F. (2016). Developing Learner’s Speaking Ability, Accuracy and Fluency. English Language and Literature Studies, 6 (2), 177-186.

Speaking skill is the most important part in communication. The goals of teaching based on the writers are to maintain the social relationships and also deliver the information and opinion.

Actually, the goal of teaching speaking itself is to make the learners be able to speak English to communicate with others. Thus, teacher is necessary to give facilitation for students a real situation in the speaking activity. It will make the students learn speaking English meaningfully. However, in the fact, giving the real situation in the speaking activity in classroom become the obstacle for the teacher.

EFL teacher must investigate the factors and conditions needed to make the activity in the classroom become more effective. Also, they are necessary to give effective instructions. Those things will help learners gradually to speak English fluently and accurately. The writers in the end added that it is still need further research giving best solution to the EFL teachers in implicating the effective methods in teaching speaking.


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