Critical Reading I

Tuan, N.H. & Mai, T.N. (2015). Factors Affecting Students’ Speaking Performance at Le Thanh Hien High School. Asian Journal of Educational Research, 3 (2), 8-23.

To improve the students’ speaking performance, knowing the factors affecting the students’ speaking performance is a must for teachers. The writers explained that the things affecting their performance are their conditions, motivation, anxiety, listening skill and also confidence. In addition, in the speaking activity, students also need the teacher’s feedback.

This study is purposed to figure out the factors affecting students’ speaking performance by collecting data from the questionnaires and class observation. As a result, there are many varieties factors. The background knowledge become the most chosen factors by students then followed by the listening skill and their motivation to speak in front of other people. The last two factors are the students’ confidence and the teachers’ feedback.

The study could also be applied in Indonesia. Since Vietnam and Indonesia use English as a Foreign Language (EFL), the result of the study in Indonesia might be the same. Knowing the result affecting speaking performance is very useful, as the fact that speaking becomes the most important and the hardest skill among the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). Many students could pass the exams easily but they found it difficult to use English to communicate. Teachers have to find ways to help them overcome their problems to improve their speaking skills.


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