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ARRIVAL After the very long journey, from Solo – Jakarta – Singapore – Manila, finally we arrived in the Philippines. Honestly, there are many stories also on the way to go to Philippines but I will save it later for the next post. Ok back to Manila, around 7.30, Dian, my friend from Sebelas Maret … Continue reading HELLO PHILIPPINES!

CAR 10

Haider, M. Z. H. (2012). Extensive Reading in EFL Classroom at Secondary Schools in Bangladesh: Current Practices and Future Possibilities. International Education Studies, 5(3), 126-134. It is an undeniable fact that the ability to read in a foreign or second language is one of the essential skills required of people living in multilingual and international … Continue reading CAR 10


Alzu’bi, M. A. (2014). The Effects of an Extensive Reading Program on Improving English as Foreign Language Proficiency in University Level Education. English Language Teaching, 7(1), 28-36 A student who reads without comprehension is not really reading. However, comprehension will become valueless if reading efficiency does not take into account reading speed, which is usually … Continue reading CAR 9


Guo, S.C. (2012). Using Authentic Materials for Extensive Reading to Promote English Proficiency. English Language Teaching, 5(8), 196-207. Both common sense and research have shown evidence that students improve their reading by reading. Copious studies already exist in support of extensive reading (Krashion, 2004; Pikulski & Chard, 2005; Silva, 2009; Therrien, 2004). By extensive reading, … Continue reading CAR 8

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